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News & Views

The Daily Vox
The Return Of Rhodes University’s Minimal Initial Payment Sparks Outrage
January 2018

Rhodes University students were unhappy after the university announced the return of the Minimum Initial Payment (MIP) or Initial Fee Payment (IFP) for 2018. Prior to registration, students are required to pay an initial payment, which is approximately between 35% and 50% of the cost of their tuition and residence. Read More »

Rhodes creating pathways to success for Grahamstown learners
January 2018

Rhodes University in partnership with Gadra Education kicked off the 4th year of the 20-day High Impact Supplementary School earlier this month to ensure that matric learners from under-performing local schools who failed or performed poorly in Matric have another shot at furthering their education. Read More »

Rhodes affiliated scholars pen pertinent body of work to acclaim
January 2018

Rhodes University’s post-doctoral fellow Dr Laura Alfers (NALSU/ISER) and Dr Francie Lund (RU Honorary doctorate holder), along with their colleague Rachel Moussié, contributed a critically acclaimed research-based article on ‘The human right to social security’. The article appears in the latest edition of the prestigious International Social Security Review. Read More »

Times Live
Successful student-run biotechnology empire creates jobs
January 2018

Students make money in many ways, but a student-run business venture as successful as this is unheard of.

Masters students in Rhodes University’s Biotechnology department, Charles Faul and Lucas Lӧtter, founded Akili Labs. It was started to create job opportunities in biotechnology and produces nootropic supplements and medical prototypes. Read More »

January 2018

At 87 years of age, South African-trained Clive Shiff is surely one of the most experienced full-time researchers and lecturers in America’s entire health sector, and has successfully championed an environmental, Africa-specific model for the west’s response to parasitic diseases in the continent of his birth. Read More »

Rhodes Alumni Newsletter
December 2017

Dear Old Rhodians and friends,

Welcome to our Rhodes Alumni Newsletter, December 2017. In this issue we celebrate our Distinguished and Emerging Old Rhodians 2017, review our latest books donated to the OR Bookcase, read about Council’s decision on the name of the institution and provide clarification on the exclusion of students for committing criminal acts.

We also include the Isivivane Fund, the Power of Bequests and RU General Achievements and look forward to your continued support in 2018.

Our latest Rhodos Magazine is available online and hardcopy. Please click here to download and if you would like to receive a hardcopy, please email t.mccarthy@ru.ac.za and send your contact details.

Kind regards

Rhodes criticises 'misrepresentation of facts' around student expulsions
December 13, 2017

Cape Town – Rhodes University insists the two students who were expelled for life from the university were penalised for "committing criminal acts" during a protest against gender discrimination and sexual violence in 2016 and not for their participation in the protest.

In a comprehensive statement released on Tuesday, the university said there had been a "gross misrepresentation of facts and attempts at manipulating public opinion" surrounding the events on the Grahamstown campus which took place under the #RUReferenceList banner.
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The Messenger
Rhodes University opts to keep name
December 06, 2017

Rhodes University is to keep its name. The university council has agreed by 15 votes to nine to retain the identity of the university, named after the late Cecil John Rhodes. The university in a statement says that this does not mean that the colonial legacy is being underpinned as “Rhodes” represents a far better legacy that of the former Cape Prime Minister.

The Rhodes University council issued a statement earlier on Wednesday. It reported that it had held a meeting on 30 November.
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Times Live
Name change for Rhodes University rejected
December 06, 2017

It’s official: Rhodes University will not change its name.

Following some years of highly charged debate and wide consultation‚ the Rhodes Council‚ the university’s highest decision-making body‚ made the formal announcement on Wednesday.

The announcement followed a secret ballot of council members at a meeting at the end of November.
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Talk of the Town
Rhodes University will keep its name as voted by council
December 06, 2017

Rhodes University has been pursuing a path to re-imagine itself as part of its transformation drive with the issue of name change a hot topic on the lips of academics, alumni and Rhodes University Council.

A press release was issued by the Rhodes University communications office today highlighting a number of issues, the most pertinent of which being that of the university’s name.

Rhodes University Council met last week to evaluate a process to advance transformation at the university which was initiated in 2015, and to solicit views of all stakeholders on the future of its name within the context of its long-term sustainability.
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Mail & Guardian
No name change for Rhodes University following council vote
December 06, 2017

The council of Rhodes University has voted against a name change for the institution citing financial constraints.

The university made the announcement today through a six page long statement by council - the highest decision making body - which was at pains to explain why the university would not change its name.

The decision was taken at a council meeting on November 30. In the statement, council went into great lengths to explain that, just like other universities, it was going through financial difficulties which were also hindering it from performing some of the universities functions. And that for the past two years it had to approve a deficit budget.
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Rhodes University votes to keep its name
December 06, 2017

The Rhodes University council voted by 15 votes to nine by way of a secret ballot at last week’s meeting to retain the institution’s name, after a process started two years ago to advance transformation.

The continuing prominence of Victorian archcolonialist and educational benefactor Cecil John Rhodes at South African universities has aroused strong feelings among students. In 2015, as a result of the Rhodes Must Fall campaign at the University of Cape Town, the Rhodes statue on the campus was removed.
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City Press
9 votes to 15. That’s how the Rhodes council voted to keep varsity’s name
December 06, 2017

It was a difficult decision. But Rhodes University council has decided to not change its name.

Following calls from students last year over colonialism and the connotations attached to retaining the name of British imperialist Cecil John Rhodes, the university’s council held a vote by secret ballot last week.

University spokesperson Veliswa Mhlope confirmed that a motion was tabled for the change of the name of Rhodes University.
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Grocott's Mail
RU honours game changers
November 30, 2017

As a first time in Johannesburg, the Old Rhodian Union, founded in 1911, hosted the latest edition of the distinguished Old Rhodian Awards on Tuesday, 28 November.

Dr Sizwe Mabizela, Rhodes University’s Vice-Chancellor hosted guests from all sectors of the country, with the keynote speech being given by newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Standard Bank and previous winner of the Distinguished Old Rhodian Award, Sim Tshabalala. The awards honour old Rhodians, who through individual actions and achievements have enhanced the reputation of the university. This year’s nominees and awardees were of the highest calibre, “true game changers” in their respective industries according to the vice chancellor.
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Grocott's Mail
Getting under Rhodes’s skin
November 08, 2017

Rhodes University plays a crucial role in Grahamstown – first because of its sheer size and therefore its physical, social and economic impact on the town. And then, in more recent years it’s had a growing impact through partnerships with Grahamstown schools to support local educators and helping solve the problems of the town, and the country.

Grocott’s Mail reported on the early local stirrings of #RhodesMustFall, and then the two rounds of #FeesMustFall, louder than ever calls for transformation and decolonisation and the stand against a patriarchal culture that #RUReference represented. We spoke to people across the city – residents, businesspeople, workers, students and academics and the police – and most had two things in common: they were traumatised, and blindsided.
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Old Rhodian Award Dinner Invite
November 28, 2017

Dear Previous Recipients of the Old Rhodian Award,

It is with great pleasure that the Old Rhodian Union invites you and your partner to attend the Old Rhodian Award Dinner 2017. This is the first year that we are holding this event in Johannesburg, and if you are in town on Tuesday the 28th November, it is definitely an event that you would not want to miss! I do realise that many of you live extremely far away, but I wanted to include you in the invitation, just in case you are in Johannesburg and also to ensure that you are aware of the occasion.

The Old Rhodian Award, honours Old Rhodians, who through their individual actions and achievements, have enhanced the reputation of the university.

Distinguished Old Rhodian Award will be presented to Prof Anthony Granger and Prof Godwell Nahmo. Emerging Old Rhodian Awards will be presented to Mr David Abbey, Dr Prudence Ogunlade and Ms Krivani Pillay.

Special Guest Speaker will be previous winner of the Distinguished Old Rhodian Award, Mr Sim Tshabalala, CEO of Standard Bank, and the awards will be presented by our Vice-Chancellor, Dr Sizwe Mabizela.

Please RSVP by the 18th November to t.mccarthy@ru.ac.za and specify any dietary requirements.
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Rhodes Alumni Newsletter
September 2017

Included in this issue is the Rhodes University Council Statement from the meeting of 14 September 2017. Council approved decisive steps to implement Transformation Summit recommendations. We have included Alumni Transformation Final Report and the Online Alumni Transformation Survey Report. Also included is a story about recently launched Student Financial Aid Campaign, Isivivane Fund, to raise financial support for financially needy students to access Rhodes University.
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'Black Excellence' -- Praise For Standard Bank's First Sole Black CEO Sim Tshabalala
September 13, 2017

The appointment of Sim Tshabalala as the first sole black CEO of Standard Bank has been met with praise amid stern criticism of the slow pace of transformation in South Africa's big four banks.

Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba said his appointment is a "step in the right direction" in addressing the "slow pace of transformation in the financial sector".
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Grocott's Mail
Rhodes alumnus steps up as Standard Bank CEO
September 13, 2017

Rhodes University alumnus Simphiwe ‘Sim’ Tshabalala has been appointed as Standard Bank’s sole Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Standard Bank, Africa’s largest bank by assets, appointed Tshabalala after he shared the role for four years with Ben Kruger as joint CEO.

South Africa’s financial sector, the economy’s largest, is often criticised for lack of transformation and remains dominated by white executives 23 years after the end of apartheid. Tshabalala is the first Standard Bank black CEO.
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Grocott's Mail
Makana overwhelmed by ageing infrastructure
September 11, 2017

A Makana Municipality official says the recent spate of blockages and sewage line leaks in Grahamstown is due to a build-up of grease, debris and foreign objects in the sewer system, exacerbated by the heavy rains in August.

Assistant Communication Officer at Makana, Anele Mjekula told Grocott’s Mail earlier this month that the sewerage system at Rhodes University campus was also affected by tree root intrusion.
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University World News
Tempest in the rankings reapot - An African perspective
September 08, 2017

It is that season when ranking entities announce their 'findings' on the comparative stature of the world’s universities. As usual, the 'premier' universities remain at the top and the rest are relegated to the bottom – African universities in particular. The 'rankers' go about their business, some with audacity, but too often without sufficient concern for veracity, authenticity or integrity in their methodologies and, especially in the case of Africa, without sufficient data.
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How Nigeria is wasting its rich water resources
September 06, 2017

Nigeria is so rich in water resources that many of its 36 states are named after rivers. In addition to surface water found in nearly every part of the country, there’s also plenty stored in the ground. The country has 215 cubic kilometres a year of available surface water. This is a lot higher than many African countries, particularly those in the southern and northern regions of the continent. South Africa, for example, has about 49 cubic kilometres a year.
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Grocott's Mail
Rhodes University hosts feast of journalism
September 01, 2017

The 21st Rhodes University Highway Africa Conference, hosted by the School of Journalism and Media Studies in partnership with Corporate South Africa concludes today.

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Media, Accountability and Local Governance’. Among the attendees have been editors, journalists, civil society activists and local government practitioners. The week’s schedule included events which explored notions of public and social accountability and the role of citizens, policymakers and journalists among other topics.
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Zambia Daily Mail Limited
Rhodes scholar bemoans lack of radical journalism
August 30, 2017

A LECTURER at Rhodes University in South Africa has bemoaned the ‘death’ of radical journalism in Africa.

Rod Amner says media houses should invest in radical and participatory journalism to effectively address some of the problems facing the continent.

Mr Amner was speaking here on Monday when he made a presentation titled ‘Local Government Journalism’ to 20 Southern African Development Community journalists attending a one- week workshop at Rhodes University.
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Herald Live
Rhodes launches mobile TV lecture channel
August 23, 2017

Pioneering a new way in sharing knowledge, the Rhodes University Business School has launched a mobile television channel which offers business-oriented lectures.

Rhodes Business School director Professor Owen Skae said the project spoke to the need for Rhodes to join other higher education institutions globally that played a major role in their immediate communities through hubs of innovation.
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Grocott's Mail
The SRC's women ready to lead from the front
August 22, 2017

The inauguration of Nhlakanipho Mahlangu as the second black female President of the Rhodes University Student Representative Council on Friday marked a start towards the growth of female leaders in student governance.

The historic elections, held during Women’s Month, saw a ground-breaking first for Eastern Cape’s oldest University (113 years: a 15-member student council, more than half of whose members (nine) are women. Zimbabwean born Kuda Chingono is vice president to Mahlangu.
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LETTER: An example for Rhodes
August 01, 2017

I can’t agree more with the sentiments expressed by Rhodes Business School director Prof Owen Skae in his well-considered article on the future role of universities in creating growth opportunities and promoting innovation and prosperity in society (Universities should focus on growth of their cities, July 28).
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Dispatch Live
Costly name change of Rhodes University won’t address real issues, commentators argue. By Adrienne Carlisle
July 19, 2017

It was money that led the founders of Rhodes University to name the institution after Cecil John Rhodes – and money that will hinder changing the name.

This is according to historian Professor Paul Maylam, setting the scene for a debate at the university over the name change issue.

It cost Rand Afrikaans University some R50-million to change its name to the University of Johannesburg and it will cost much more to re-brand Rhodes University internationally and at home, it was argued at the debate.
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Changing Rhodes University’s name
July 18, 2017

“What's in a name?” Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet four centuries ago. “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Many people agree that whether one calls it by its botanical name, Rosaceae, its common name, rose, or by any other name, the flower's smell remains as sweet and enchanting.
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Daily Maverick
An International Brand: Anti-worker, anti-student. By Paddy O'Halloran
May 22, 2017

Earlier this month, National Education, Health and Allied Workers union members at the University Currently Known as Rhodes (UCKAR) engaged in an unprotected strike, after negotiations failed to win them a living wage. In its 10 May “Update on Wage Negotiations”, UCKAR protested that, “It would make no sense if the university had money and refused to pay its workers. This is not the case of being unwilling to pay more. There is simply not enough money to cover all the essential operations of our university.”
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Voice Online
Reggae Poet Receives Doctorate Honour In South Africa
15 May 2017

Acclaimed Poet, reggae artist and political activist Linton Kwesi Johnson has received an honorary doctorate from Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa in recognition of his “inspiring political activism”. His poetry and music were called “the soundtrack of the 1980s anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa”. After he was presented with a doctorate in literature for his poetry on April 20, Jamaican-born Johnson addressed the large congregation of graduating students and their families. Whilst referring to the controversy surrounding the statue of Cecil Rhodes at Oxford, Johnson’s speech concentrated on public and personal links to South Africa. Read more »

The Citizen
Rhodes University Concerned After Striking Workers Trash Admin Building
10 May 2017

Rhodes Vice-Chancellor, Sizwe Mabizela, said he was concerned about deteriorating state of hygiene at some halls and pleaded for calm and level-headedness in dealing with the situation. Rhodes University said that it was “extremely concerned” about the workers’ protest action which took place on campus on Wednesday, despite a peace accord being signed, calling it illegal and unprocedural. This comes after more than 200 workers on Wednesday staged a protest at the university in Grahamstown, trashing rubbish bins and littering inside and around the main administration building where they had assembled. Read more »

Grocott’s Mail
Strike Follows Rhodes Wages Deadlock
10 May 2017

Union representatives were this afternoon locked in wage negotiations with Rhodes University management after members of the National Education, Health and Allied Workers Union yesterday opted to down tools. Industrial action saw around 200 Nehawu members march around the university campus this morning, emptying bins, before assembling in front of the main administration building around 9am. A negotiating forum comprising representatives from Nehawu, the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) and university management due to begin at 9.30am eventually got under way around 2.30pm. Read more »

Rhodes University
Concern over illegal protest action by Nehawu as Nteu accepts revised offer and calls off industrial action
10 May 2017

Rhodes University is extremely concerned about an illegal and unprocedural protest action which took place on campus today against the requirements of a signed agreement between the University and organised labour in the institution.

In terms of the Labour Relations Act which underpins the agreement, Unions are required to give a 48 hours’ notice before any industrial action commences. The agreement signed between the University and the Unions “to maintain peace and harmony within the employment relationship” at the University requires all parties to “adhere to the provisions of the applicable labour legislation.” Read more »

Times Live
Students Can Rescue The Country From Challenges: Ramaphosa
7 May 2017

Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa says students have a role to play in rescuing the country from the current challenges it faces. Ramaphosa has been speaking with academics and students at Rhodes University in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape. He says students have solutions to the country's challenges such as allegations of State Capture and downgrading of the country to Junk status. Read more »

Times Live
Rhodes SRC Likes Ramaphosa's Message
7 May 2017

The Rhodes University Student Representative Council were completely sold on the message delivered to them by ANC Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa in Grahamstown on Sunday. Speaking to The Times shortly after the address at the university’s Barrat Lecture Theatre‚ Rhodes SRC Deputy President Dingaan Booi‚ said emphatically that as an SRC “we buy into his message”. Ramaphosa addressed students‚ staff and members of the public on issues of economic transformation‚ access to higher learning and the role of students in society. Read more »

The Citizen
Barney Pityana Conferred Honorary Doctorate by Rhodes University
24 April 2017

Pityana has been vocal in South Africa’s fight for a true democracy to be enjoyed by all its citizens. Outspoken champion for human rights Professor Barney Pityana was conferred an honorary doctorate by Rhodes University over the weekend. Pityana is credited for coining the phrase, “black man you are own your own”, owing to the realities of the South African society and leading to the establishment of the Black Consciousness Movement in the mid-1960s. Read more »

Destiny Connect
Meet The Man Who Wrote Rhodes University’s First IsiXhosa PhD Thesis
24 April 2017

Dr. Hleze Kunju has become the first Rhodes University graduate to write his PhD thesis in his mother tongue, isiXhosa. Hailing from rural Mqanduli in the Eastern Cape, 31-year-old Kunju says his love affair with the language began at a young age. For as long as he could remember, he was the kid who would submerge himself in Xhosa literature, while his friends focused on the subject’s parents and teachers typically encourage students to pursue. So when he started studying at Rhodes University in 2005 he found himself in the deep end – sometimes unable to understand what was being taught in lectures. Read more »

R News
Over 2,400 Capped During Rhodes University’s 2017 Graduation Ceremonies
23 April 2017

It was smooth sailing at Rhodes University in Grahamstown where over 2 400 graduated with degrees and diplomas in six ceremonies - the last one was held on Saturday. This year’s graduation included a number of highlights in the attendance lists and programme - Eastern Cape Premier, Phumulo Masualle; former first lady, Ms Zanele Mbeki; Archbishop emeritus, Njongonkulu Ndungane, and esteemed author, Professor Peter Mtuze, who were are part of a glittering line up of dignitaries. Graduating students included almost 60 percent women, over 1 120 postgraduate qualifications including 82 PhD qualifications – up from 67 in 2016. Over 20 percent of the graduates were international students. Read more »

Dispatch Live
Rhodes to Honour Five Game Changers
18 April 2017

They are renowned performance poet Linton Kwesi Johnson; human rights campaigners Dr. Sheila Sisulu and Dr. Barney Pityana; artist Dr. Penny Siopis and philanthropist Dr. Marguerite Barankitse. They will be honoured at the university’s graduation ceremonies next week. Rhodes University will also award a total of 2443 degrees and diplomas over six ceremonies. Of these, 1327 (54%) are undergraduate bachelor’s degrees and 1116 (46%) postgraduate degrees and diplomas. Just under 300 master’s degrees and 78 doctorates will be awarded. Read more »

December 2016

Welcome to the final issue of Exchange for 2016. In this issue we give you an update on the pioneering work our researchers are undertaking in Antarctica. Rhodes boasts the largest number of researchers heading to the white desert this season including our all-female team. We acknowledge a few recent awards, scholarships and recent contributions towards student funding. Your continued interest and support in our institution is greatly appreciated as we strive to realise the achievement of the greater goal of free (i.e., state-subsidised) quality higher education for academically talented students who come from families of meagre means. In addition, we would like to see a plan that provides financially sustainable mechanisms to support all students in financial need. We look forward to your continued support in 2017 and wish you all a prosperous New Year. Read more (PDF) »

Rhodes Alumni Development e-newsletter
November 2016 Issue 60

Welcome to the final alumni e-newsletter for 2016! This year has been bursting with notable events and developments at Rhodes which you can read all about in this edition. Read more (PDF) »

Deciphering the Meanings, and Explaining the South African Higher Education Student Protests of 2015–16
October 2016

In 2015-16 we witnessed the re-entry in very visible ways of South African university students on to the higher education terrain. This is not to say that students have not been part of steering and shaping higher education through institutional governance mechanisms, or that there have not been student protests post-1994, especially at the historically black universities and at institutions that were merged as part of the restructuring of the higher education landscape after 2000.
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RU Budget 2016 & Sliding Fee Scale Presentation

Watch Video »

AFK Insider
October 2016
By Dana Sanchez

Opinion: Free University Education In South Africa Would Expand Inequality
Student activism played a central role in the fight against apartheid, and now South African police under the ruling ANC government are using tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades against students protesting for free education...
Read more »

Student movement hijacked by violent, incoherent group.
September 2016

Four weeks ago, on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I arrived at the University of the Witwatersrand to participate in a panel discussion.

It was part of the Jozi Book Fair. My heart broke. At almost 3pm, the science campus where the fair was held, was virtually empty. A few people hung around. Brilliant writer and veteran of many book fairs Zakes Mda went from one session to the other.
Read more »

Care for your kids, teachers told.
September 2016

TEACHERS at schools in the northern areas need to change their approach and explore new methods to rescue pupils from the social ills they are faced with daily in their communities.

This was the message from St Claire Adriaan, who has been recognised for his teaching and expertise in education in the US, where he is now based.
Read more »

Rhodes Alumni Development e-Newsletter
September 2016

This is always a special time of year for us here at Rhodes University because it's when we honour our loyal alumni, celebrate their deserved successes, and dwell in our purple pride. Founders Weekend 2016 was a monumental success thanks to the continued support and interest you show in your alma mater. We wish to pay homage with a welcome to our latest Old Rhodian awardees to the honour roll as we share their achievements with you. The never disappointing National Arts Festival has come and gone which saw Oriel House celebrate its Centenary with all generations coming together to kick start your reunion season! Once again our Rhodos Magazine is available online for more alumni news to keep you close to your purple roots. Join in the celebrations of our incredible alumni and, as always, enjoy the read.
Read more (PDF) »

SA slides in World University Rankings. Mediocrity the new norm?
September 2016

It's no surprise that South African universities have slipped on the QS World University Rankings 2016/17. The past year and a bit has been dogged with violence, as students seek free education but at the same time a select few destroy libraries and buildings, the exact thing they're after. It does boggle the mind but one must remember it's the few that are making the majority look bad.
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Rhodes University Honours Outstanding Alumni
August 2016

Rhodes University honoured some of its illustrious alumni who were presented with the 2016 Distinguished and Emerging Old Rhodian Award at a luncheon that was hosted at the University on Saturday, 27 August 2016 in Grahamstown.

On the photo: Judge President of the Supreme Court of Appeals and Rhodes Chancellor, Lex Mpati, Nondumiso Hlope, Tanya Acone and Mbuso Mtshali. Not pictured were other awardees Sherman Bryce-Pease and Caroline Rowland.

Read More »

Letter from Dr Mabizela to Staff of Rhodes University
July 2016

Over the past two weeks print and electronic media have reported on what has been characterised as a ‘financial crisis at Rhodes’. I thought it would be appropriate that I contextualise the recent reportage on Rhodes University. Some of it has sought to sensationalise rather than inform and educate our public on the challenges faced by our higher education institutions.
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Financial Headwinds at Rhodes University
July 2016

Troubling and disturbing news for all Rhodes alumni and stakeholders. ( http://businesstech.co.za and http://www.destinyconnect.com ). Higher education funding is now becoming a political hot potato in SA. We expect the university is working on addressing this crisis situation and will seek to clarify things and pre-empt further speculation.

"2016 was always going to be a rough and tough year for Rhodes financially, given its tight budgetary situation and extremely limited endowment and free reserves. In light of the turmoil, there was bound to be some opportunistic behavior of avoidance of fees, and fees not being paid on time. I don't think that we should become alarmist. The current financial hardship does not mean Rhodes is not a 'going concern,' and is about to collapse and close.

Much will depend on what happens later this year about fees for 2017, and whether the government comes to its senses about the very serious challenges that face universities. There simply has to be a more adequate financial dispensation for universities moving forward. The state will also have to support universities politically in drawing the lines about fees that are owed and collecting revenues. Otherwise we will see the slow but certain erosion and withering of not just Rhodes, but all our universities." The implications for equity, economic and social development, and democracy will be ghastly."

Perspective from Dr Saleem Badat, former Vice Chancellor at Rhodes University. He is now Program Director: International Higher Education & Strategic Projects at The Andrew W Mellon Foundation in New York City.

Alumni Update
Rhodes Alumni Development e-newsletter
May 2016

If we have done our jobs properly, you have been transformed into completely different people; people who look at the world with different eyes, who can begin to imagine a better world than the one we now inhabit and who have the ability to contribute to positive change. As one parent wrote recently "I must say, I gave Rhodes my baby and I got back a young beautiful woman who surely is going to make a mark in this world," said Dr Mabizela, addressing the 2250 graduates in turn at this year's six ceremonies. Read more (PDF)»

Business Tech
South Africa's best universities for business and finance degrees
May 2016

A new report highlights the rise in recognition of private institutions for higher learning in South Africa. Read more »

NYR Daily
Race on Campus: A Conversation with Yale President Peter Salovey
April 2016

Six months after a controversy about racial inclusion at Yale University gained nationwide attention, Yale President Peter Salovey has announced that Yale will not change the name of Calhoun College, named after a nineteenth-century statesman and political theorist who defended slavery. Read more »

Rhodes Exchange
Featuring: Edutainer to enhance Early Childhood Development
March 2016

Early into Dr Sizwe Mabizela's first term as Vice-Chancellor, in March 2015, he met with alumnus, Mr Chris von Christierson who committed an edutainer, specially fitted as an ECD Self-Contained School to develop an Early Childhood Development Centre. As promised, the edutainers arrived in Grahamstown earlier this month, to much Excitement. Read more (PDF)»

The Star Late Edition
Compare Rhodes with our African Presidents
January 2016

All moratals are fallible. It is also important to remember that "it is difficult to judge the past by the standards of today." Read more »

The Telegraph
Oxford University students who don't like Cecil Rhodes should 'think about being educated elsewhere', says chancellor
January 2016

Lord Patten has argued the institution is able to be "for the whole world" thanks to the legacy of the colonialist politician. Read more »

The South African
Oxford students who don't like Rhodes should "consider being educated elsewhere;" Chancellor
January 2016

Students studying at Oxford University who can't bring themselves to embrace Cecil Rhodes' legacy "should think about being educated elsewhere," according to the university's chancellor, Lord Patten. Read more »


What people are saying on Social Media

Ian Edwards "This is the VERY, VERY, VERY, BEST NEWS of the year being the year of our Lord 2017. As Taki quite correctly stated, sanity has prevailed. As I mentioned previously, all students from the late sixties to the early seventies must have a feeling of exalutation at this wonderful news.”

Mary Todd Vianello "Absolutely wonderful news. I don't agree with what Rhodes did but those were the times. As long as we move on and include everyone."

David Alcock "I am very relieved about this. And I think common sense has prevailed. I am sure there are objections to what the man Cecil John Rhodes stands for but he was a man of his time and we can now enjoy his legacy and try and benefit some of those who have been disadvantaged in the past. Rhodes University has a good name - and I have heard only good things about the university in the UK; and the graduates who get employed prove their worth and make their way successfully in the world. I spent some of my best years at Rhodes University as a student and on the staff of the drama department, a time which formed my thinking and my abilities. I made life-long friends there. So all in all I think this is a good decision.”

Trevor Brodrick "Well done to the voices of reason. Those who are unhappy go elsewhere as we capitalists want to support our university financially and will not if the name changes.”

Camalita Naicker "FFS!! What a shameful decision by Rhodes University Council which has proven once again how uncommitted they are to transformation! I remember in my first year the name change was already being discussed and pushed for by Sasco, The article is false to claim that it was only brought up two years ago, there was always a concern by black students about this name. Now ten years, a whole movement calling for Rhodes to Fall, we are still here."

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