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Rhodes University Alumni Report Survey

Find Out How Old Rhodians View Their Alma Mater

Rhodes University Alumni Report SurveyRhodes University conducted a comprehensive online survey in the second quarter of 2013 with the help of GlobalFluency, an international marketing firm (, and The SABLE Accelerator, a global network of SA expatriates advancing commercial innovation in South Africa ( Some 18,000 alumni were sent emails inviting them to contribute views and opinions about their Rhodes experience and how they perceive and rate the institution compared to other universities in South Africa and abroad. The survey instrument included some 35 multiple-choice questions. There were 957 survey participants from 22 countries. A detailed 35-page report is available for downloading at no cost. Please complete the form below to source the digital file. We look forward to receiving your feedback and comments on the findings.

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VC Opinion Editoria 2012l Education must cultivate the knowledge, competencies and skills that enable graduates to contribute to economic growth, since such growth can contribute to greater social equality and development. However, reducing education to its value for economic growth dangerously strips education of its wider social value and functions...

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