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Donovan Neale-May
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
+1 650-222-5260

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Giving to Rhodes University Trust USA

Type of Gifts

  • Unrestricted - Allows Rhodes University to use funds to support current needs.
  • Restricted - Allow donor to request gift to go to specific cause.
  • Endowment - Minimum gift of $500k allows donor to pay tribute. Principal is preserved and all or part of income is used to support purpose as designated by donor.


Gift of Assets


Contributions by Check:

Checks should be made out to the Rhodes University Trust (USA)
and mailed to:

Donovan Neale-May
Rhodes University Trust (USA)
c/o GlobalFluency, Inc.
1494 Hamilton Ave
San Jose, CA 95125


Donation History

Funds are solicited from Old Rhodians in the United States (over 400 people are currently listed in our database) and from American foundations interested in supporting education in South Africa. Over the years, fundraising efforts have helped with:

  • Scholarships and bursaries for disadvantaged students
  • Library projects
  • Purchase of computer equipment for residences

Some of the most significant disbursements have gone to the following:

  • South East Academic Library Systems (SEALs) Project - $1.2 million
  • Rhodes University Centenary Campaign – $100,000
  • Sports Trust - $100,000
  • Alumni House Project - $50,000



We would like to recognize and thank the following North American-based alumni for their contributions to the Rhodes University Trust (USA) to fund designated projects, programs and bursaries at Rhodes University in South Africa:

  • Tanya Accone
  • Paul Andersen
  • Melissa Brandt
  • Steffan Brandt
  • Ewan Copeland
  • Michael Cox
  • Gordon Cragg
  • Spenser Fleischer
  • Bryony Green
  • Jean Gruss
  • Judy Heilmann
  • Neville Isdell
  • Lesley MacKellar
  • Ian McGregor
  • Donovan Neale-May
  • Bruce Parker
  • Ilene Solet & Adam Powell
  • Melanie Sandler
  • Clive Shiff
  • Adriaan St.Claire




Manager of Alumni Relations at Rhodes University.

How is Rhodes handling and prioritizing the growing number of financial aid requests from students?

  • Sound academic performance
  • Proven financial need
  • Willingness to make a minimal financial commitment to the University to pay fees
  • Mostly South African citizens
  • Signing of the acknowledgement of debt in instances where the family is unable to settle fees in full by the end of the academic year. This is done to ensure that academically sound students are permitted to progress to the next academic level so that the University is able to collect the funds once they have graduated and secured permanent employment.

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